pic-index2Herland Forest is a prospective community-based natural burial cemetery and land-stewardship venture in south-central Washington.

As an outgrowth of the Windward Community’s Sustainability Education and Research Center, Herland Forest is dedicated to learning, teaching and presenting wholesome alternatives to today’s commerical, industrial burial practices.

The Mission of Herland Forest is to:

  • provide meaningful and affordable burial alternatives to people in the Pacific Northwest;
  • better understand the forest through ongoing ecological research;
  • use our knowledge to protect and enhance the vitality and productivity of our forest ecosystem;
  • and utlilize natural burial for conservation, devoting funds to acquire and steward additional lands.

To learn more about our Herland Forest and Windward please visit the about us page.

The Forest

The twenty-acre Herland Forest lies at the transition between the moist mountain forests of the western Cascades and the high prairies of eastern Washington, and features mixed stands of Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and Oregon white oak.

The forest was logged about one hundred years ago and has since regrown into a beautiful, light-filled forest where ancient oaks grow side by side young pines and firs, and deer, coyote, migratory birds and turkeys find refuge.

Guardians of Herland Forest

We are seeking like-minded people to become the initial subscribers to the Cemetery and contribute to the endowment care fund necessary for licensing the cemetery.

As of March 2014,  We have procured all the money for the Endowment secured, and made formal application for authority to operate a cemetery. We’re engaged in conversation with the Cemetery and Funeral Board as we move through the application process.

Hopefully we will be open for burial by the end of summer!  At that point, we will begin selling burial plots, and be transitioning Guardianship program to encompass  those who purchase plots, as well as our initial stakeholders.

With that said, we are still looking for those who wish to support the cemetery in stewarding this forest.

Guardianship represents a rare opportunity to honor and serve the natural world both in life and beyond death. Guardians of Herland Forest will always be cherished stakeholders in the future of the cemetery, playing an important role in building a community of support for natural burial in the Mid-Columbia Region.

Learn more about the benefits and rewards of Guardianship

We look forward to hearing from you!

Notes from Herland

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Starting the Fall Thinning Season

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