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Herland Forest is a community-based, not-for-profit natural burial cemetery and stewardship forest in south-central Washington about 80 miles east of Portland, OR. We’re dedicated to helping people go home by another way.


Herland Forest is an outgrowth of the Windward Community’s Sustainability Education and Research Center. We’re dedicated to learning, teaching and presenting wholesome alternatives to today’s commercial, industrial burial practices.

The Mission of Herland Forest is to:
  • provide meaningful and affordable burial alternatives to people in the Pacific Northwest;
  • better understand the forest through ongoing ecological research;
  • use our knowledge to protect and enhance the vitality and productivity of our forest ecosystem;
  • and utilize natural burial for conservation, devoting funds to acquire and steward additional lands.

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A Community Cemetery

Herland Forest is Managed by  members of the Windward Community. A 501(c)(3) transitional center and sustainability education and research center. As a cooperative community of over 30 years, Windward is dedicated to modeling the practical human-scale technologies and integrated village-scale systems needed to support sustainable rural communities on marginal land.

The creation of Herland is a natural outgrowth of Windward’s efforts to provide holistic alternatives for all stages of life.

to Learn more about Windward, their approach to creating and sustaining community, and you can get involved, visit their website

A Forest Cemetery

The twenty-acre Herland Forest lies at the transition between the moist mountain forests of the western Cascades and the high prairies of eastern Washington, and features mixed stands of Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and Oregon white oak.

The forest was logged about one hundred years ago and has since regrown into a beautiful, light-filled forest where ancient oaks shade young pines, and deer, coyote, migratory birds and turkeys find refuge.

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A Stewardship Forest

Stewardship call us to create a lasting home, while connecting with the wider community of life.

We recognize that we can only steward what we truly love, and that we can only truly love something that we understand–something that we live with, spend time with and keenly observe, something that inspires us and that we stand beside to protect.

Learn more about the stewardship  of Herland Forest

Become a Guardian of Herland Forest

“Guardian” is the title for those who have purchased a plot in the cemetery.

Operating a cemetery in a forest creates enduring restrictions on the use and development of the land – helping ensure that the ecosystem’s vitality remains intact.

So, Guardians protect the life of Herland Forest when they lay their bodies down amidst it’s trees.

Becoming a Guardian of Herland is a simple yet profound way for your death to have a positive and lasting influence on the biosphere for generations to come.

Learn more about becoming a Guardian of Herland Forest

A Guardian walking Herland Forest’s labyrinth

News and Updates

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Burial in the Snow

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