A Good Death

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Our dear friend Elaine Clark has invited us to be part of the natural death program that she’s put together at her church in Seattle in late March. Elaine and her husband James are Guardians of Herland Forest, and Elaine’s eager to let people know about the option of natural burial and what it’s like to incorporate a forest burial into a home funeral.

Herland Forest is a non-profit cemetery; we don’t have a paid staff or an advertising budget, so we’re deeply grateful for folks like Elaine who help get the word out. And we’re especially grateful to  Friends of the Forest.. Their monthly subscriptions help cover the cost of the materials needed to create a permaculture forest that’s a living memorial. We hope you’ll join us as we commemorate the visionary souls who decided to use their passing to jump start more life.

If you’re in the Seattle/Tacoma area, How To Have A Good Death will be a great opportunity to talk with people with first hand knowledge of what’s involved.  We’ll hope to see you there.

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