April Snow

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On the first day in April, folks are on the lookout for tricks and surprises. When I opened my door, expecting to enjoy a spring morning in the Herland Forest, I was surprised to find two inches of snow on my doorstep.

Driving snow had covered everything, and it didn’t look like spring at all. It wasn’t deep enough to pose a problem other than the temptation to head back inside and linger over another cup of coffee, but it caused us concern for the flowers and buds that had been seduced into life by an unseasonably warm March.

By noon, the sun was out, the snow had melted into the ground to help recharge the water table (it was a dry winter so any moisture is much appreciated), and April was back to looking like April usually looks in our forest.

I really don’t mind if winter wants to get in the last word–so long as it really is the last word. We’re ready for Spring! Bring on the flowers!

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