Burials must begin by 2:00 p.m. Call Andrew Schreiber at (509) 369-2000 to make arrangements or to ask questions about any of the requirements listed here.

Burial Guidelines

Everything going into the grave site must be biodegradable.

Unless a special arrangement has been made, Herland Forest does not permit bodies to be embalmed or chemically preserved prior to burial.

Coffins, shrouds, clothing and another materials entering the grave should be composed of organic materials (such as wood, cotton, silk and wool) which will decompose into soil. This excludes metal adornments, and synthetic clothing materials.

Coffins are typically made of plain, untreated and unvarnished wood. They can also be made of cardboard (such as a cremation coffin), paper-mache, woven wicker.

Please keep coffin size under 8ft x 3ft  so they may readily fit into the standard grave hole.

Shrouded bodies must be entirely wrapped head to toe and be supported on a solid board for lowering, which you provide. While plywood and particle board supports will be excepted these materials are not preferred for they contain binding agents which are foreign to the microscopic life in the soil.  The Green Burial Council has approved an trundle board for shroud burials. It measures 78″ x 25″, and has rope carrying handles.

Any non-biodegradable materials desired for the grave-side service should be removed after the service. Please do not leave plastic flowers or vases on the gravesite. Loose bouquets may be placed over the casket or shroud before closing the grave, but should not be left on top of the grave.

Other Considerations

Clothing for visitors and burial parties

Herland Forest is a forest ecosystem. Uneven terrain, fallen logs and other material adorn the forest floor. We find it useful for those visiting to dress their feet as if they’re going on a hike. Conventional dress shoes are impractical.

Extra layers of warm clothing and warm boots are essential for winter burials. We explain this to the family and friends who arrange burials for their loved ones but find it is most helpful if you repeat this message to them as well.

Arrival at Herland

You will be received by either Andrew Schreiber or Walt Patrick, two of the directors of Herland Forest.  To complete paperwork while our staff greets the burial attendees.

Please be prepared to provide the body delivery receipt; we also have copies if needed.

After the paperwork is completed, we can assist you with locating the vehicle in a convenient position for moving the casket or shrouded body to the gravesite.