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Full-Body Burial

Rights of Interment: $2500
Endowment Care Trust Fund $250
Opening/Closing of grave: $200
Administration & Record Keeping $50
Total $3000

Ash Burial

Rights of Interment : $350
Administration & Record Keeping $50
Conservation Contribution $100
Opening/Closing Free
Total $500

Ash Scattering

Conservation Contribution $100
Administration & Record Keeping $50
Total $150

We endeavour to maintain an accurate representation of our prices on this website. All prices for cemetery services associated with guardianship are kept up to date on Herland Forests General Price List. As part of purchasing a plot you will receive a copy of the General Price List.

You can read and download a version of the General Price List from the following link:

General Price List of Cemetery Services

Terms and Conditions

All purchases of Cemetery Plots are governed by the Terms and Conditions for the sale of interment rights in Herland Forest.

Full details on how to purchase a plot are available in Herland Forest’s Terms and Conditions.  You can read and download the full .PDF file from the following link:

Terms and Conditions for the sale of interment rights in Herland Forest