The Road to Herland

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Herland is hidden away in a private forest located on the eastern edge of the Cascadian wilderness. There’s a modern, paved road that leads to our driveway, but when one leaves the county road, you still have to travel more … Continued

Flowers in the Forest October 21-22

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…and smoores around the campfire Each fall, we join with friends of the Herland Forest to plant thousands of daffodils and tulips throughout the cemetery. We take a special delight in transforming graves into bouquets. In spring, as the winter … Continued

What’s the compost like?

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Amelia’s dad was reduced here in the Herland Forest last fall. Last month, the family picked up the drums of compost and took them away to be used by the family. Not knowing what to expect, Amelia had some trepidation … Continued

Strawberry Fields Forever

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In the heart of the Herland Forest, in what we think of as the “middle forest”, there’s a syncline that channels runoff from the watershed forest north of the cemetery. One result is that the moist forest floor is carpeted … Continued

Death and Taxes

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 The vast majority of death care providers are for-profit corporations; Herland Forest is different, and I’m delighted to relate that this summer, the IRS recognized that difference by granting Herland Forest recognition as a 501(c)(13) tax-exempt cemetery. You’ve probably heard … Continued

A Tree Grave

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A key reason why people choose to rest in the Herland Forest is that they want their remains to nurture the growth of a tree–often a specific type of tree. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the hazelnut is a very … Continued

The Web of Life

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When something dies in the forest, fungi break it down and allow the essential elements such as magnesium and potassium to be re-used to create more life. The forest’s mycological network then transports those critical resources from where they rest … Continued