Emma’s Cherry Tree

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Usually, the first step in the interment of ashes from a cremation (often referred to as “cremains”) in the Herland Forest involves the loved one selecting a location that speaks to them. Then a hole is dug and a biodegradable … Continued

“Tuck” Hatfield Remembered

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The Herland Forest is beautiful in May. It’s situated on the divide between the wetland forests of the western Cascades and the dryland forest that stretches away to the east. One result is that a steadily changing progression of wildflowers … Continued

A Working Stewardship Forest.

A core aspect of the Windward Community’s (Herland’s stewarding organization) long-term ecological research and modeling revolves around creating a holistic economy based upon the stewardship of healthy, diverse and well functioning ecosystems; ecosystems which provide for the material well-being of … Continued