Cemetery Babies

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The Herland Forest natural burial cemetery is an exploration of the role of death in the circle of life. In winter, the separation between life and death can be very thin, but in spring, life returns with vigor; the tree buds swell, the wildflowers start to carpet the forest floor, and there are babies everywhere.

Herland is a permaculture forest that’s being intentionally developed to meet the needs of the birds, bees, animals and people who make it their home.  In addition to the animals that pass through the forest on their way elsewhere, we share the land with animals that play important roles in creating a sustainable life on the land. We don’t raise animals to sell; rather they’re part of a long standing partnership in which they convert things we don’t want to eat–things like grass, acorns, and weeds–into things we can eat. 

Sheep play an important role in helping the forest stay open. At various times of the year, sheep can work through the forest helping to keep the undergrowth in check, and thereby lessening the late summer forest fire danger.

In addition to the many practical reasons for honoring the ancient partnership between sheep and shepherds, there is something deep within us that calls us to care for new life.

Finally!!! the bottles arrive and it’s time to nurse.


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