Get to Know a Guardian – Lynn

Lynn enjoying some beet Kvass during a workshop at Windward’s annual open house event The Village Helix

A thoughtful letter from of Herland’s founding Guardians, Lynn.

I found Herland from the Windward website.  My friend Jonah in Portland sent me a link to Windward, and there was Herland.

I’ve always wanted to simply be buried in the ground, and here are some people who are making this simple burial possible.  I hadn’t put much thought or energy into how to make this simple burial happen, since I don’t expect to be dying soon, even though I am 70.I like so much the idea of a forest where I can be buried.  In talking about the possibility, I realized that I don’t even want a headstone.

I don’t need to have my burial spot marked, just to be returned to the earth will satisfy me.  I am impressed and grateful that Windward is doing the legal work necessary to make this cemetery happen.

I like the feel of the Herland forest, with the little creek.  I hope to spend time getting to know this forest before I die.  I am excited to be a Guardian of Herland, and to get to know the people who have created her.

Lynn helping out in Windward’s annual garden during a visit. (Over the last 40 some years Lynn has created an amazing perculture garden oasis at her home in Yakima, WA!)

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  1. Beverly Dudley

    I’ve always wanted to be buried in the ground, just me and nothing else. The last six months I’ve diligently tried to find somewhere I can be buried naturally the way I want. If you can help find a way near me I’d definitely appreciate any information. I live in Mississippi. No one I’ve spoken with is interested and think I’m crazy.

  2. Jessica M England

    Hello Beverly, one way this can happen, is if you have your own land, if so, you can be buried on it as you’d please. I checked on this, i assume it’s the same in any state, so after the Funeral Director has been contacted & has taken care of things on his or her end, your remains can be taken to your home to your home & your final resting place.

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