Herland’s first burial

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It is with both sadness and hope that we write report that the burial of Herland’s first Guardian, Marilynn Burke of Portland Oregon took place on March 25th.

Marilynn was a special individual. As an avid birder, she was enthusiastic to have the opportunity to be become a Guardian in a cemetery with a dedication to conserving and enhancing the ecosystem for the benefit of migratory birds and other wildlife.

Marilynn also chose to donate her brain to OHSU so that her rare form of Parkinson’s could be studied, in the hopes of brining greater understanding to the condition. With the help of Threadgill Memorial in Portland, her body was transported for the brain donation before coming out to Windward

Her burial was an intimate affair, with many members of the Windward present and helping with the closing of the grave.

Marilyn’s family arrived the following day to visit the grave and pay their final respects to Marilynn in her final resting place in an Oregon white oak savannah, where many migratory birds find cavities to build nests and mate.

In honor of her dedication to birds, and to Herland Forest, we installed a bird house constructed onsite from lumber cut and milled in the Windward Community, near her grave.

Marilynn will always hold a special place in our hearts, as both a vibrant thoughtful person, and as the first person interred in Herland.

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