Herland Forest is a tax-exempt (501(c)(13) non-profit that works to develop sustainable burial practices such as Natural Organic Reduction (aka “human composting”) and Enhanced Natural Burial.  We’re located on the eastern edge of the Cascadian wilderness in a state certified Stewardship Forest. 

We were the first facility in the country to be licensed to perform NOR, and we offer these blog posts to help people understand what’s involved. 

Here is a list of blog posts that describe how human composting is practiced in the Herland Forest.

An NOR Investment.  Describes how the NOR process starts.

The Sixth Cradle  Bringing our sixth reduction vessel on line.

Mercury Free!   Testing the compost to ensure its safety

A Sweet Solution  The final processing step

Death in a Living Forest  Surrounded by the circle of life

Web of Life  the mycological network that supports the forest

A Tree Grave  what happens with the human compost that people leave in the forest

Price List and NOR Authorization Form