Take Action!

For today, tomorrow, and forever

There are many ways to help sustain Herland Forest

Join the Elder Tree Program

The Forest operates as a unified whole - Elder trees are connected to other young trees, shrubs and bushes by a mutualistic web of plant and fungal-mycellium called mycorrhiza.

Herland Forest needs it's Elder Tree's to provide the trickle funding to nourish and sustain a land-based rural community. A community capable of stewarding the understanding of how to live rightly with the land.

Make a Donation

A forest sanctuary, a working stewardship forest, and community forest, research forest. Herland Forest is many things.

Your contribution help Herland Forest to grow it's roots ever deeper and continue to manifest our vision of healthful, productive, intergeneration stewardship - for all those who call this forest home.


Join the Mycellial Web of Salespeople

The stewards of the cemetery are so consistently on the land, that it can be difficult to get the word out about Herland.

Salespeople earn a commission for helping to bring in more Guardians. This is one way we are working to create a win-win situation for our allies so they can continue to spread the work

Come to an Event!

Herland Forest and the Windward Community host many events throughout the Year.

Events are a great time learn more about Guardianship, visit the land, and meet new people.