Quote: The folly of not valuing soil, Galileo Galilei

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I recently came across this quote from Galileo, all those years ago, that I thought was very poignant. The care of our soils is of paramount importance, for it is from the soil that our life and livelihoods on the earth arise.


“What greater folly can be imagined than to call gems, silver, and gold “noble” and earth and dirt “base”? For do not these persons consider that, if there were as great a scarcity of earth as there is of jewels and precious metals, there would be no king who would not gladly give a heap of diamonds and rubies and many ingots of gold to purchase only so much earth as would suffice to plant a jessamine in a little pot or to set a tangerine in it, that he might see it sprout, grow up, and bring forth such goodly leaves, fragrant flowers, and delicate fruit?”
Galileo Galilei

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